Marilyn Mehlmann prize winner

(03.03.2011) Marilyn Mehlmann is awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011 for her longterm efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably. The prize will be presented in Stavanger on World Environment Day, June 5th 2011.

Marilyn Mehlmann is originally from England, but is now residing in Sweden. She is Secretary General of Global Action Plan International, a network of NGOs that teach individuals, businesses and organizations a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable manners of operating.

’’We had several good candidates. We chose Marilyn Mehlmann, in particular because she addresses each and every one of us and helps us identify practical ways of improving our own lives and surroundings. Mehlmann gives us a technique to control our own actions and adjust them according to our own desires for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Her method is to stimulate the audience to make conscious choices in accordance with their own values, and not to moralize. She promotes a sustainable consumption - an issue we cannot ignore in our efforts to solve the future challenges concerning the environment and climate", says head of the jury, Ms. Anne Katrine Lycke.

The co-members of the jury were Ms.Christine Kemp and Ms. Gerd Halmø.

Download a press release (in Norwegian) and Marilyn Mehlmann's CV here:


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