The award is named after Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964) to commemorate her brave contribution to warn against uncontrolled use of pesticides.

The Rachel Carson Prize

The Rachel Carson Prize is an environmental award, to be given to a woman for her environmental involvement. It is presented in Stavanger, Norway, every two years. The prize is named after the marine biologist Rachel Carson (1907-1964) to commemorate her brave action to warn against hazardous use of pestizides and their harm to the balance in nature, as well as her history-making book "Silent Spring" (1962).

The Rachel Carson Prize shall highlight women’s contributions to environmental management and inspire to creativiy and innovation. It is meant to be a recognition of the work of the person who receives it as well as an economic encouragement.

The Rachel Carson Prize is a prize of honour, consisting of a sum of money and a statuette - ”The Cormorant” – made by the Norwegian artist Irma Bruun Hodne. This marine bird stands as a symbol for Rachel Carson's involvement to save the life in the seas, at the same time representing a species that is threatened by man's uncritical use of chemicals.

Sylvia Earle is the winner of The Rachel Carson Prize 2017

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Sylvia Earle

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