Award winner 1991

Sidsel Mørck

Sidsel Mørck received the Rachel Carson Prize for her long standing courageous and tireless environmental struggle , particularly directed at industrial pollution.

Author Sidsel Mørck was the first Award Winner of the Rachel Carson Prize, and it was presented to her by Norwegian Minister of Culture, Åse Kleveland.

Through books, papers, numerous articles and editorials on environmental coservation, as well as speeches and poetry, Sidsel Mørck has battled for the protection of our environment. As Rachel Carson herself she has been portrayed as a prophet of the Day of Judgement, but this has never made her lose footing.

In 1988 she was awarded the Norwegian Leftist Party's Environment Prize, and in 1990 she won the Honour of Free Speech for "brave use of the word in the combat for the environment".

Selected works : "Silent Servants"(1978), "Future is Now"(1979), "No Smoke Without Fire"(1982), "Not For Sale"(1983), "Come On Old Park"(1990)