By-laws for the Rachel Carson Prize

The Rachel Carson Prize is managed by the board. It is registered as a unit in the Norwegian Brønnøysund Registers. The by-laws for the Rachel Carson Prize state the formal organizing of the board as well as actions connected with the prize.

§1 Name


The name of the association is Board of the Rachel Carson Prize.



§2 Objectives


The Rachel Carson Prize is an environmental award for women.


The award is named after marine biologist Rachel L. Carson (1907 – 1964) to honour her courage in warning against the use of pesticides for their hazards to nature, and her landmark book ”The Silent Spring” (1962).


The Rachel Carson Prize shall highlight women’s contributions to environmental management and inspire to creativity and innovation. It is meant to be a recognition of the work of the person who receives it as well as an economic encouragement.


The Prize shall be instrumental in drawing attention to the Agenda 21 and its principles on sustainable development, stirring people’s environmental consciousness, and challenge to personal involvement in actual environmental problems.



§3 Organisation


The Board is the supreme governing body of the association.


The Board consists of 6 – 8 women. The Board constitutes itself and supplies new members. Elections shall be undertaken during the first quarter of the year.


The Board members are elected for two years with the possibility of re-appointment. Half of the members are elected every year to ensure continuity.


The Board has a quorum when at least 50 % of its members are present. The Chairman holds a tie breaking vote.



§4 Financial matters


The Board will provide the Prize sum, means for administration and other expenses through public contributions, sponsorships and financial grants.



§5 The Prize


The Rachel Carson Prize is a prize of honour, consisting of a statuette - ”The Cormorant” – made by the Norwegian artist Irma Bruun Hodne, and a sum of money fixed by the Board for each Prize presentation.


The Prize shall be awarded a deserving national or international candidat, nominated by the Prize Committee. The candidate shall be a woman, who has distinguished herself by achievements in the environmental field.


The Prize shall be presented every two years. The forum of the presentation is chosen by the Board from time to time.

§6 The Prize Committee


The Prize Committee shall be an independent jury. Its mandate is to nominate one candidate in accordance with the criteria in §§ 2 and 5. The Committee is appointed by the Board.


The Prize Committee consists of 3 women and shall be made up as follows:


1 representative from an independent academic institution
1 representative from non-governmental environmental organisations
1 representative from politics or public administration


The Committee constitutes itself.


The members shall be appointed for 2 years with the possibility of re-appointment. A member of the Prize Committee cannot at the same time be a member of the Board.
The Board can replace members who pull out.


The Prize Committee draws up directives for nomination of candidates and election of the Prize winner. The directives are subject to approval by the Board.


The Prize Committee’s nomination of prize winner shall be unanimous and cannot be disallowed.


§7 Administration/contact person


The Board appoints a contact person.


§8 Procuration


Procuration is held by both the Chairman of the Board and the appointed contact person.


§9 Accountant


Accountant is appointed by the Board.

§10 Amendments of the By-Laws


Amendments of the By-Laws may be passed by the approval of at least 2/3 of the members of the Board.


§11 Dissolution

Dissolution of the Board may be passed by the approval of at least 2/3 of the Board members. If dissolved the association’s eventual financial and other means will be granted to activities commensurate to the activities of the association.