Theo Colborn 1927-2014. Foto Julie Dermansky 2014

Award winner 1999:

Theo Colborn passed away

(19.01.2015) Shortly before Christmas the board of the Rachel Carson Prize received Word that Theo Colborn, winner of the Rachel Carson Prize 1999, had passed away, at the age of 87.

For nearly 30 years Theo Colborn worked with research on - and warned against - the hazards of endocrine disruptive chemicals to wildlife and humans. Her book "Our stolen future" (1997), co-written with Dianne Dumanoski and John Peter Myers, was the first publication to give a comprehensive presentation of research and other documentation on the effects of hormone disruptors in reproductive and developmental processes.

Colleagues and friends at The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) describe Theo Colborn as a visionary and passionate leader, whose mission was to uncover the truth and warn the world about the hazards of these chemicals.

We are grateful to have met this wonderful woman in Stavanger, when she was handed the Rachel Carson Prize in 2000.